Term & Condition

1)  All instructions are shown on the various page and the FAQ.

2) All goods on sales must be in good condition.

3) All queries will be answered from our email at eluxvault@gmail.com

4) This website functions as a standard e-commerce website with Woo-Commerce rules and regulations.

5) We cooperate with legal entity to upkeep the running of this website.  

6) For sellers of goods, the goods must reach us through a courier first, be in good condition, and we will purchase it as agreed.

7) For consignment of goods, the goods must be in good condition, the various marketing information done, and when it is sold, it must be courier to buyer, and when we get the finance from the buyer, we will pay the seller.

8) For buyer of goods, the payment must reach us first, then we will courier the goods over to you. 

9) All information are confidential except for what is necessary to disclose to the law.