As the nature of e-commerce with strong digital marketing culture goes, we hope to gain company reputation, website awareness, and brand recognition to gain on traffic and volume of viewership, to contribute to the happiness of the people, and to reach high conversion rates on investments, goods service and delivery on the promise of our products.


As our preloved hand luxury goods are wide-ranging, we welcome publicity, promotion, and positive contributions of professionals and people comments, to add to the growing pools of perspectives to lend strength, improve social goodwill and encourage sales. 


Thus, we decide to use the scheme of influencers to promote our business.


People who want to be influencers, please email on your particular, your audience reach, whether you want to promote our goods, to do a video clip for us on our goods or live streaming, and your cost for contract. We will email you the verdict and the instruction upon successful confirmation. 

Our Influencers

our driving force