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Modern luxury is a global market of S$345.6 billion in 2020, will reach S$519.5 billion in 2025 and is growing at a rate of CAGR of 6.4% every year. USA is the leading nation for luxury goods sales, followed by China as second and Japan as third. Baby boomers of 1950s, are giving way to Generation X of 1970s and also giving way to Millennials of 1990s and Generation Z of 2010s, in terms of willing to buy luxury goods. With better applaud for trend investment, most of Generation Z are internet savvy, and are willing to go online to e-commerce platform to buy luxurious goods. Thus, we are in a very good spot to open a preloved e-commerce website store to sell luxurious goods. As the market is swaying, for the beneficial browsing of luxurious goods to satisfaction of the people of tomorrow, we serve. With concerns that ethical commerce of sustainable luxury goods will be resource smart and price savvy to suit these rising generation of luxury goods buyer in the 2020s, the market will see better days and higher sales, and we are there to supply the interest and the goods.

First, we comprehend that in commerce, selection and variety of the luxury goods to be display on the e-commerce market for sales are important. The more goods we have, the more interest we generate in terms of viewership and potential buyers, the likely the chance that what we offer will catch someone fancy, and also the more conversions and transactions that will increase our commercial power and the reputation of our e-commerce store. Thus, good attraction, good advertisement to bring people to this marketing galore, will invite and promote a lot of goodwill, that will serve our business well, as we entertain more customers through our system, we also build the trust and rapport that they share it with others of their consideration, and with enough on our website with lucidity, the smart sales will just encourage more to buy on account of merits.

The next important point to illustrate is price, and as our store is a second-hand e-commerce luxurious store, our luxurious goods are likely to be priced more cheaply and more affordable. Thus, this serves us well on the business, and our customers are more likely to be in the class to buy these goods because they think it is a good deal, and they have the money to buy it, as the price is within their expectation, and they want it. 

The population is growing. The Asian economy is getting richer. E-commerce is saving cost on tradition measures and is opening opportunity to new industries and businesses. The newer generation are more willing to buy luxurious good. Since factory productivity improves, goods browsing is prevalence online. Hence naturally, more of the goods manufactured and sold are luxurious goods. The indicators of the economy are healthy and uptrend in projection. Our business, E-luxury Vault, is set to grow, gain critical volume of sales, and be a great contribution to the people, on Social Media.








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