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It’s ok to have wrinkles, it’s ok to have stains, and it’s perfectly alright to be loved again. E-Luxury Vault will be doing its part in driving a circular economy as consumers seek to emphasize circularity and sustainability by buying luxury products at bargain prices.

E-luxury Vault

At E-Luxury Vault, we support changemakers – people and companies that ignite, lead and advocate for sustainable change in the world for circularity and sustainability second hand luxury goods.

We believed in owning a history of the designer’s creative and we also believe that it’s OK to have wrinkles, it’s OK to have stains, and it’s perfectly OK for the products to be loved again.

  • Reduce (minimum use of raw materials)
  • Reuse (maximum reuse of products and components)
  • Recycle (high quality reuse of raw materials)


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